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St Georges, Telford

Funeral Stationery

L Tranter & Son are able to offer a complete range of Funeral stationery including service sheets, mass cards, acknowledgement cards or even personalised bookmarks.

Service Sheets

A service sheet could include a picture of the deceased on the cover or an alternative image of the family’s choice along with the words to the hymns, poems or prayers. 

These sheets will not only personalise the service but also act as a keep sake in the future.


Bookmarks can be printed and placed on each seat in the chapel for mourners to take away. Again these can include a photo of the deceased and a reading or poem. 

Unlike a service sheet they will stay in circulation and be used in the future.

Book of Condolence

Writing a personal message in a Book of Condolence gives family, close friends & mourners an opportunity to express their sympathy in a personal message. 

This will be a lasting tribute which will record the deceased’s qualities, strengths and how they touched the lives of others. The book will be available to sign before and after the service and can also be taken to the Funeral reception.

Thank-You Cards

Acknowledgement cards can be printed following the service and sent to mourners thanking them for their attendance and informing them of the total sum of the donations received for the chosen charity. 

These cards will alleviate the need for individual letters.

Attendance Cards

In addition to the above optional items we will place an attendance card on every seat in the chapel requesting mourners confirm their attendance. These will be collected by our staff following the service and handed to the family.